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We cooperate with more than 10 game parts professional factories to manufacture and export around 1 million pieces of game products per year. We have experienced staff, world class equipment and personalized services to help our clients attain a full service of manufacturing board and card games among many others.All our equipment is among the finest in the world to assure top quality products. Our state-of-the-art computers, pre-press equipment and printing presses are updated regularly to keep pace with the latest technology in the printing and packaging


A father with a child can still bring out a “board game world”

Have you ever seen a dad taking care of a kid? In most people’s mind, fathers take care of their children = “irresponsible”. But in Huddersfield, UK, there is such a father, in the process of taking care of his children not only very good, and by the way, also designed a board g...



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